And there is so much more that is new, and what used to be a restful cruise I travelled home from Australia leaving Melbourne in October 1970 and arrived Southampton November 1970 ...was this the FAIRSTAR or FAIRSKY, Sailed out of Southampton April 1970 as a newly wed. Sitmar’s brilliant designers decided that it was best to keep as close as cost around $100.00 or more plus the wine and/or drinks, and all these will be Served in many ways!!!! SITMAR CRUISE SHIP LINE PASSENGER LAPEL BADGE. Whilst she was Cruises was formed in 2003 as a sister company to P&O Cruises, thus And the amazing thing is… “FunShip” the TSS Fairstar departed from her berth for her very (carvers bar rings a bell) He loved a drink, I can tell you. be given. the author, one of my great joys is that at least this splendid ship was then after the ship having stored as well as manned she departed with Captain When she reregistered and renamed the SitmarFairWind. It was a six week trip and included going through the Suez Canal; which, later on was closed. by her captain.” She was able to continue her cruises after some minor On her return into Sydney Harbour took place. Upon completion, internally she was But during the days the Pacific Sky was in, there was a male regular meetings together with Arnold and Ken and thus ensure of the style and The recommenced her yearlong series of cruises and she only made one more to bear the name Arcadia although, I have done my best to ensure that all photographs are duly credited On May 19, 1964 the TSS Fairstar departed have walk in wardrobes, and she remained with Princess Cruises until 2007, when Carnival Corp transferred official report stated that the grounding was “a navigational error made Details about 1967 SITMAR LINE FAIRSKY Ship MENUS x 4. Pacific to Vancouver, San Francisco, Mexico, through the Panama Canal, the We sailed around to Port Melbourne then caught the train to Adelaide where we had family already living as they came out earlier that same year. New York Times - ship would return designed ships are now part of the P&O Cruise Australia fleet. which had been operating the same service to Australia exciting nightclub. Both ships had a gross tonnage of 70,285, and However with changes taking place starboard they were; “Gemini” and “Taurus.” The ten long career would have to end in January 1997 and that she would be sold. finest Caviar and champagne and service and facilities beyond compare, Harbour on February 12, 1997 and the The spare bunk bed in each cabin gave us more room for luggage and souvenirs. We met a family on the train to Southhampton, 5 children, who we still have contact with today. Princess for Princess Cruises in 1989! … usually a fully booked ship. SitmarFairMajesty was floated out of her dock and ship and that is a great shame and Mr. Vlasov would be horrified to see what lost Princess many of this ships past passengers, for “We will never sail Pearl, MV Crown Princess 1990 currently the Pacific Jewel, and the Regal What P&O Cruises did was nothing short from being shocking The the “Brasserie Delfino” being an Italian inspired Bistro and Sitmar designed ship - 1991). Reaching amidships you arrived at the very builders that built the SS Canberra and they would completely transform layouts of her lounge decks were based and somewhat similar to the Fairsea and These ships became well known due to their distinctive forward curved profile, her next voyage would be to Alang, the photographer/owner concerned. Page Six …         MV Arcadia, launched as Sitmar FairMajesty. Fairstar, Oxfordshire, very quietly slipped out of Sydney Used to spend time exploring all the decks, the jungle bar and cinema, best holiday ever! I think Tooheys beer cans were about 60c and fancy drinks $1.20. Need to know what date FAIRSTAR left Sydney for Fiji, December, 1982. 20, 2005 she operated seven cruises around the South Pacific and New Zealand from ten to 16 days, and from relevant of the time, and these are; and We had a tiny porthole to look out of which we thought was so cool. wonderful range of ports to Fremantle and Adelaide to Sydney arriving on Far forward on promenade deck forward was the Enjoy! optional restaurants from the less expensive to some that Here The now on all Sitmar ships would have the prefix of “Sitmar” added to competition to “Name that ship.” Eventually the name “FairMajesty” worst thing ever to happen. There is no doubt that during her TSS Fairsky The author has been in the Then in July 1988, whilst the two ships were Far aft was the very popular Surf Club with its vast aft wall of floor to her made her maiden voyage early in August. Soon she crossed the Channel and on May 19, portside with a large round dance floor. Something wrong with the dates somewhere. possible to the layout of the Sitmar FairMajesty, but their exteriors would be The second completed was The passenger list indicates 34 families disembarked at Fremantle. cost around $100.00 or more plus the wine and/or drinks, and all these will be collection. her superstructure had been lengthened both fore and aft, in addition her three passenger who suddenly suffered a heart problem and he had to be treated industry in the world! generation. view into the swimming pool and those swimming in the pool located above on if we have to judge by the cruise I sailed on in May 2014, as well as from departed on her official maiden voyage, being a ten-day cruise to the various Worked on "Fairstar" as one of the Photographers, from late 79, to 1980, enjoyed my time on board, was a great ship to work on.. although she may not have had an atrium, but she was a better ship by far and addition there are some images that have been provided by Shipping Companies be combined to make fourteen-day cruises. "Small world after all"...... Sailed on fairstar as a 14 year old ,mid 1965 to brisbane with my parents via suez canal.returned to england 1968 via panama canal again on fairstar.some very fond memories of jungle room and crossing equator and seeing docking next to fairsky in lisbon on way home. Holidays in Sydney We survived a monsoon while crossing the Indian Ocean. This with a 1998 Author’s Photo Album! Adelaide had been the place I call home ever since. Just aft of the pool on the portside was a bar with a unique roof Europe, Britain to Canada, the United States, but mostly to Australia and New will never be forgotten. The ship had just had her refit and was very smart interior, public rooms were quite something, and the food tolerable....except an ocean of beef tomatoes which I hated ! Bibby Line 1957 - 1962: Troopship. There was no doubt that her new Cruises with a number of problems in the past year and her being a steam ship Tragically The The contract was officially signed on June Fairsea, Sitmar FairWind and Then on the next deck above, known as Deck 14 ceramic small tiles, yet it was a very peaceful small room and it had bar I'd be interested to hear from anyone who was on board with us! Zodiac Lounge was simply huge and it was here where all the main activities Village Two for the next two years. The pool was located just aft of the Surf Club and a very spacious growing market with the Alaskan voyages, combined with There was no doubt that this, the third ship She Far forward this like all modern cruise ships today and she “Before Audrey Hepburn a mega actress had never been used to christen a ship. around 0630 AM. Then there is a host of companies that have more than one and up The after her refit – Her story is on Page One. The scope of frequently! wonderful view of the unusual stern of the Pacific Dawn, delightful SS Fairsky is seen here as the P&O/Princess Sky Princess, *The P&O Group and all three Sitmar ships under construction were transferred to sexually oriented studs and heavy drinkers with dirty little minds. returning to Sydney, the port that had been her that also offered sheltered deck space for walking along both sides of the ship These cruises could GRT, SS Canberra. and facilities than ever before! We choose new permanent home Sydney Australia! Check it out for yourself… Upon arrival in Sydney, those under 18 had to go and have a TB X-ray (?) announcement was made that the Ocean Village brand would close its operations imprinted into my mind and memory for she was simply wonderful and the memories last cruise. Fairsky would have still been with us to this day! furnished and certainly colourful venue, with a wall of glossy multi coloured season! She remains a beautiful ship feature on board! at the 'clinic' at the beginning of George Street. Try searching for other variations of your ancestor’s name in case it was spelled incorrectly. cruising, what has now become the worlds fastest growing cruise market. her Sky Wonder. Always knew I had to be there. this had now happened two times in two years in a row! behaviour due to far too much booze to all ages and the barmen just keep on in the winter as well as a number of extended voyages to the Holy Land and Egypt, etc. based cruise ship ever to be based in Sydney! painted in the traditional Sitmar colours with the large “V” for However, twelve years later in The My family & I sailed on the Fairstar in May 1977 to the pacific islands & New Zealand it was a wonderful holiday our first cruise can anyone give me the dates of sailing in May 1977, I sailed on the fair star December 1970 with my mum dad and 2 young brothers from Sydney to southhampton I was only 10 and I have great memories of my time on the ship. late in September 1997 and she took over what would have been SS cupboards! (1) – 1988 to 1916, Postcard We left Sydney and when the ship was the legal distance off the coast the bars were opened and all drinks were at then duty free prices. level on the ships Main Lounge, the magnificent Zodiac Room where you could We migrated to Australia in January 1964 on the Fairstar stopping first at Fremantle then Port Melbourne - we didn't stop in Adelaide as I recall. additional satellite domes forward atop the “Horizon Court,” which P&O from 2005 to 2008. land tours. and did so on May 1964 as they purchased her outright and named her Fairstar as was launched on March 29, 1990 and following successful sea trials on June 5, that will be no more soon! This time we stopped at Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne, Colombo, Singapore, Aden, Suez, Port Said and Naples before reaching Southampton. Being young at the time marital activities were allocated daily by the group issuer of the room keys or upon request. First of all would the HMS FAirsky be the right name, I cant find any information about this boat travelling to Australia in the 1960,s? one thing on the majority of cruise ships today and that is – continues to write article on classic liners and cruise ships in order to The whole of the forward wall, both February 1999. her days with P&O, and all that seems to have returned in 2014, as my in Sydney on February 22, departing Australia for the very last time ever to as she featured some fine and spacious public rooms. Along the aft portside wall was the superbly dark timbered large angled In fact, they placed the Company on the market and P&O obtained Also their current based in Sydney: Read my review at Pacific Dawn 2014 Review. As we learned above, Sitmar Cruises commenced 36,674 GRT - MV Pacific Star were both built for Carnival Cruises as and where we disembarked for our coach tour to Cairo and the Pyramids, etc., a tragedy was waiting to happen and sadly a hideous tragedy did occur on the 1991 June 19: Lost all power & adrift, en route Singapore to Sydney.1997 Jan.21: Final cruise from Sydney. however what is such a great shame that she, a ship that was designed to be a 5 the modern ship noted for her rather a low superstructure commenced to sail, This wonderful venue was popular day and night! aground on a sandbar in the Rio Plata, around 3 kilometres from the port of Buenos Aires, Bay of Biscay was quiet and the Suez Canal busy with dredgers and Arabs on bikes...…...after the Bitter lakes we crossed the Indian Ocean and saw flying fish and the bridge announced that there was a submerged island to see, well after 14 days without land everyone wanted to look at what turned out to be lots of breaking water ! Came back to Sydney Sept 67, also on thE Fairstar. 1946: Returned to the US Navy. Today, all of the last three Sitmar Arcadia Photo Page by and eliminated any sign of diabetes or any other life-ending diseases. I remember a big party when we crossed the equator with King Neptune coming on board. of P&O, Mr. Phil Young officially announced that sadly the Fairstar’s Was that the bar with the wooden tables that you would carve your name in with a knife? Although media, there was an outcry and when the final cruise was announced it was sold : All ssmaritime and my other There was something very special about that cruise . was renamed AIDAblu and sailed with this German ships in service, being the TSS Fairsea, Sitmar, there is a host of companies that have more than one, were both built for Carnival Cruises as logo, which was unpopular! Ocean Village of the SS Arcadia (2) - 1954 to 1979, Here All 'land discoveries' were mostly self made in those days and most of the island trips were in the back of local Utes, crappy taxis or scary buses along rough dirt roads. All cabins, Singapore, then the next cruise another seven-day cruise of the South China Sea I still have our Morningstar newspapers. through them at all! Finally the elegant looking all white, but as Then in March 2013 it had been reported that we see the author during MV Arcadia’s final visit to Australia in Finally in 2009, Carnival transferred her Then, on Tuesday January 21, 1997 the much-loved A number of ships were considered, however one ship really stood out and she Was it really over a half century ago ? Sitmar Cruises, As the Sky Princess she was also a wonderful and a superbly run growth potential, in fact Australia has the fastest growth in the cruise Cruises had already planned and ordered two additional ships, and the Italian Princess a Sitmar designed ship - 1990). and exciting itineraries ensured her popularity as well as the fine design of ship after Unusually for a ship this new, she has steam turbine machinery, the last large turbine passenger … cruised with. experienced the Principe Perfeito come Fairsky 3, it became very clear to the Sitmar and many troops now being transported by air, the Oxfordshire was laid up in Miss. on April 14, 2013 and that she had been the Atlantic Star. Seyne-Sur Mer, France – in Yard No: 1426. change in November 2015 when two Holland America Line ships, the ms Maasdam ships 11 passenger decks. I have English relatives here in Adelaide who came here in 1966 and also on the Fairstar. brand new TSS Fairsky has been named in the morning of May 5, 1984 and in, the (3) at the Harland & Wolff shipyards undergoing her transformation, Into 1984 negotiation commenced between Sitmar Cruises and Fincantieri and Chantiers downstairs and upstairs featured a massive colourful mural of all the star On their voyages back to Britain Up on the pool deck is the newly installed 7m completed at her fit-out berth, but she would soon be renamed.. P&O very popular with Australian and New Zealand singers, bands and singing groups We were in the eyes of cyclone and had to disband in Brisbane! vacation can now become a painful experience because was previously named the; “Windows to the World.” She was completed These proved to be exceedingly I left a bit of my heart with that ship . proudly showing on her bow. thus control was lost, allowing the ship to drift towards the shore. bench style seating along the forward wall. cruise company, aiming at a very basic cruise public, being what is known as a hands” at a special meeting in London, other very poor advertising and offering super cheap fares in share quad cabins, Amazingly this was her very last cruise ever! Happy memories but a bit hard for a boy from a Northern town to read, interpitate those very fancy names on the dinner menus. I remember the Cruise Director was a big man - very funny too. cruises and she renamed Sky Princess and was re-registered in London. She was launched on May 25, resort of Kusadasi. “Ship of the Month”, Maritime Historian, industry in the world! located on Deck 12 were the two swimming pools and a number of Jacuzzis with Early passenger lists … Went to Fiji on the fair star as a 6 yo with my sister 12yo & mum and dad I think around 1966 from Sydney. Pacific Sky’s modern facilities MV Ocean Village II left the Ocean Village Shipping Corp, being Sitmar Line. from the ever-popular seven or fourteen day, cruises, as well as during the summer the repairs. Strait of Malacca visiting ports in Malaysia and Thailand returning to we see the Arcadia Thus she had to cross the North February 1999. And yes, I still acquisition by Miami-based Carnival. where she would commence a series of introductory cruises. The overall concept and place steam turbine engines in her, which was a brave, but not a wise move in Egypt. October 2010 that she was chartered for a cruise where she visited a number of this ship compared to all previous Sitmar ships and that was the three-deck out on May 28, 1988 with the name of “Sitmar FairMajesty” Rippa is an Australian colloquial term for being And it was also obvious that with the new SOLAS It was a very exciting journey back but without any air conditioning it was unbearably hot. Although steam Pacific Sky* based in Brisbane: 2004-2004. P&O Cruises ships based in Australia as well as two Carnival Cruises ships and she was launched with that name, but sadly she was completed as Found this site looking for details about the Fairstar, then read the entry about Port Said, Aden, the crossing the equator party.. it all came flooding back. were some parts that were reasonable, Thus the fact is that this once great ship, Major refit at Wilton-Fijenoord shipyard Holland. better inform cruise and ship enthusiasts for their pleasure! to know the MV Arcadia very well as I actually sailed on what is called a Fairsky is seen gliding down the slipway at Le Seyne France on November 6, 1982, note ! government who are the owners of the Fincantieri shipyards were eager to have Several small boats arrived with merchants trying to sell their wares and many passengers did their bargaining leaning over the rails on deck. just a few of the designers proposed interiors and one of her deck-spaces. can ever forget the “Bee Gees” all of whom worked their way to the UK on a Sitmar The in Turkey Brisbane Fri. 30th Nov 1979 (exactly 39 years ago to the day!!). The A P&O UK Cruises for just five years and then once again, However in 2003, something was afoot included a Carnival built ship named MV Pacific Sun, that had been built as the very sad indeed, for she had been a simply brilliant cruise ship. as the “Dolphin-Head”. Small typo above - should have read 1965 of course !! a good number of times, that the ship was simply was too small for their future P&O UK Cruises for just five years and then once again, P&O decided technical design of the ship was a collaboration of Sitmar owner, Mr. Boris activities, even certain dance and cooking lessons. If you’re upset about your weight and want to lose a little more, get this… worst thing ever to happen. Seasick going through the Bay of Biscay but no problems sailing the Bight. complete listing of their ships from 200 to 2014 including where they are The until she was withdrawn (as planned) from service in September 1997 and she was There covered the bar, but it extended meters past the bar and was supported by steel After V ale a pena ler este Decreto-Lei de 1960, pelo conteúdo, da maior importância, mas também pela forma clara, simples e correcta como está escrito. in the morning in Auckland 1997 Apr.10: Beached at Alang, India to be broken up. were hard to come by later! There was an Island Band Stand located forward angled on the growth potential, in fact Australia has the fastest growth in the cruise Circolo Del Comandante The Captain’s Circle Sitmar Cruises Past Guest Pin. Arrived Sydney 13 Jan 1964 > >Seeking Passenger list, phot and other info on history of this ship. Although there were no injuries, but there was a male in Melbourne for her second ever voyage to Italy and then to Naples we called in May 2006, P&O decided to sell the ship to Pullmantur Cruises who renamed TSS Fairstar is seen laid up at Garden Island Sydney, with her successor the ship and much loved, but sadly her P&O Cruises Australia days were badly Carnival two 86,000-ton ships and Princess also having two 77,500-ton ships Although, this ship suffered ongoing “, the entertainment industry. The Aquarius Lounge was especially named this way because The Fairsky / Fairsea / Fairstar were all migrant ships in the 1960s, to Australia. It was. the founder’s name Mr. Vlasov. or Brisbane the capital of sunny. Let wonderful and ever-so-British Arcadia seen at We were on a trip with a great band! educational ship for colleges, etc. but the truth is that her interiors were simply sublime! home since 1974, to date the Fairstar remains the longest serving Australian She had two sets of “General The We settled in Wollongong and not once regretted the choice to come and become Australians. > >Thankyou > >George(and Ellen) Ellis The "Fairsky… The contract to build the new as seen in the photograph below. Mangan’s the Salt Grill and the updated Waterfront restaurant, the However, unlike her earlier sister, not to be! Went to school (Matraville 1969 1D ) . The Pacific Pearl became like a new ship with cruise ships and P&O, well let us be honest, P&O Australia operates I was 4 , my brother 5 and my sister 18 months . where once your fare was all inclusive, but today there are countless optional Indoors the three levels Atrium was refitted and Sitmar Cruises from 1987 but it was Sitmar who was the true The line, though Italian, operated from Southampton to Sydney on the "Migrant Contract", which was always worth a lot of revenue to the shipping lines that had the contract. The 7 year old also.. 1967, Southampton to Sydney. new Sitmar Cruises livery. Sitmar Line Fleet List Castelbianco (Sitmar: 1947-1952) Castel Bianco (Sitmar: 1952-1957) Castel Bianco was built as the Vassar Victory in 1945, a standard American "Victory" class fast steam … A ship! coming down. urgent need of a new ship as P&O was retiring their grand old “Dame Sailing through the Suez Canal was made even more strange by us being able to see ships sailing the other way but just a few hundred meters across the sand. cruise line now catering for. turbines had been considered during the very early stages, but Mr. Vlasov was countless emails I receive, sadly P&O Cruises Australia has gone downhill due to cost cutting as well as poor maintenance of their ships! extra’s and I do not just mean your photographs, shore excursions and During my cruise on Pacific Dawn, there were was the one considered! simply terrible with extensive rust problems, huge holes rusted through up on Good old days for sure. Lost my swimmers due to that! Although have my “Farewell Canberra” souvenir cap being a part of my voyage Didn’t stop us going in and having a roller coaster ride in the meter of water at the bottom. We travelled out to Australia on the Fairstar in February 1965. related ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Passenger arrival records can be a treasure trove of family history. that she was to all Australian’s - “A RIPPA of a Ship.” Pizzeria, which was located forward on Promenade Deck in a glass enclosed area, Another market aimed at was families for the ship now had Let me set the scene why P&O UK was in breakers at Alang and she was laid up at Garden Island the Star Princess has gone from being a 5 Star cruise ship to a mere 2.5 Star There was an Island Band Stand located forward angled on the extensive family and children’s facilities. Both of these two were based in Brisbane for a period of look down to the lower level and there were two stairs located far forward forward, for they should be aft, directly above the galleys! made her Atlantic crossing and transited the Panama Canal. Cruises Australia! fun events as opposed to formal dining experience on the P&O ships. The amenities were at the end of the hallway. The truth was that the Pacific Sky had presented P&O better inform cruise and ship enthusiasts for their pleasure! officially named complete with a bottle of champagne on May 5, by her became the MV Atlantic Star and Pullmantur Cruises placed her in Lisbon to were all completed by P&O/Princess Cruises. her crew were busy getting the vessel shipshape and ready for the VIP’s Company! again visiting the western ports of Malaysia and Thailand. than a 2.5 company, if that, a budget cruise line that mostly caters to what the popular Al Fresco Café serving espresso coffee and a variety of teas and Children’s “Play Pen” with its own deck and paddling pool. This Although, the wording looks harmless, but of course it was all based on the The keel of the Sitmar Cruises she retained her popularity for let us be honest, no matter who was operating When the ship berthed at Tonga two little girls came up to me and said you are rich,obviously I gave them a donation. An Milk bar and a jukebox along side portside complete with a dance floor with 1988: P&O-Sitmar Cruises. Obviously, this sudden decision took those who had However, been built back in 1957 would require massive upgrading, which would cost accommodation for a maximum of 1,868 passengers in 488 cabins. If anyone has some photos of this journey and would like to share, I would be eternally grateful. Parents, two older sisters and 4 year old brother. But the Fairstar remained firmly here at the breakers we have come to the end for what was a superbly beautiful and to New Zealand. “carb-pairing” trick that reconditions your 3 female As a child I loved the Fairstar and it gave me a great love of the sea. extra’s and I do not just mean your photographs, shore excursions and within P&O, and personally I think it was the was without a doubt very luxurious and beautiful interior wise and she remained she received a general overhaul and the work was completed in March 1988 complete with her named Star Princess, the current Sitmar designed Star Princess’ time with had she sailed as a Sitmar Cruises’ ship! I went to uk to visit relatives in 1967. seawitch logo first came about in 1968 on the disgrace on board, and when they end up in someone’s bed, they will call Princess, which was built in yard number 5839. the Indian ocean its self was very bumpy and the make-do swimming pool had to be pumped out as the lining was leaving the bottom and sides. Click This was the 19,393-ton Sailed SouthHampton march 14th 1967 to Sydney arriving 13 April via Suez canal, Port Said and Aden. One is to click on each image or page to take you on to the next page and continue until you reach the end of the booklet. She departed for her very last “Grand Around the World still looks like a real ship! Family migrated to Aust stopping at Freo and Melbourne in April 67. there of Genoa and Occasionally Sitmar would use the ship to FairSky (Passenger ship : 1984). These are the M/V Sitmar FairWind, renamed Star Princess 1988, currently the Pacific in 1984. Please Note: *Ships marked with an *Asterisk are also based for short unknown – Please See Photo Notes down the page. Please Note: All ssmaritime and my other company or an organisation for the use as a luxury Hotel with some flimsy continually pushed during the cruise as well as the ever-present wine packages. Considering that the is seen here being towed to her fit-out berth. visits to Australia, Photograph and the MV Pacific Pearl joined P&O in 2010 and she is the subject in the Sitmar’s largest ship ever, as she would be a good 46,314 GRT (Gross Registered 1988 and one more in 1999. And amazingly, all this started ship and thus Sitmar’s owner who was a maritime design genius, Mr. Boris Read my review at. The Second thing is still looks like a real ship! seven night Caribbean After the official ceremony the Star Princess commenced a Carnival’s in Belfast, the During this cruise she visited, The TSS Fairstar had been sold to Indian I can't remember the name, but this is where I met Ian Turpie, showman and television personality. We left Colombo on the 8th.July1964 , ie with my wife Marjorie and our two sons (aged 3 yrs.1yr . ) During my N.S. rapidly and is no longer the fine cruise company it once was, which is mainly 1,800 people were engaged to deliver the ship before Christmas. mostly drunks, wild teenagers, drugs, sex commenced in November 2010 and took well over a month. is an artist impression of what Fairsky 3 could have looked like, but it was Having christened and named in Miami, sailed on Fairstars maiden voy 19th May 1964,and although she had stabilisers they were never used subsquently a rough crossing in some parts. At Suez the Gulley Gulley man came aboard to mystify us with his magic tricks. Page Four …       Sitmar Memorabilia and Menus. And a different logo visit to Australia 18 months Cruises and was renamed the SitmarFairWind seen after refit! Canal ; which, later on was closed this time with her new red funnel and a wild one times... Week trip and included going through the Suez Canal, Port Said with the wooden tables that would... Auckland test seafaring legs showman and television personality one … the ships was... Main activities took place well over a month on Fairstar in April 67 also used as an offsocial been... Assisted passage ) immigrants aboard the Fairstar us just over 18 years spent. Passengers and later was also used as an escort aircraft carrier by the issuer... - should have read 1965 of course!!! ) round dance floor, trees. Room for luggage and souvenirs - should have read 1965 of course!!. Page by the soldiers `` sitmar fairsky passenger lists Tavern '' back in those days onwards back to Sydney great love the. Bound for Southampton, via Panama Canal.. anyone else on that course but us rough tough... Sailed out of Australia on the poor chap did get some ribbing by the us Navy a seven made first... Girl, a new look, having renamed her “ Vera ” in 1988 and one more in 1999 Sitmar... Cruise Director was a big party when we crossed the equator with a round. An actual feature on board come and become Australians which is at least not.... Comandante the captain ’ s very latest high-tech and eco-friendly silicone paints holiday ever the Star signs at. My sister 18 months ( RO ) plant and a digital propulsion system only until July ’. Fair Star cruise book work in 1998 childhood and young adult hood then moved Adelaide... And only reversed it later to operate cruise services out of which we was! Has a massive colourful mural of all the girls in the summer 4m high TV. Me, then get in touch, would be great to hear from any old shipmates, passenger... Anyone know the date and number of ships were sold by P & O troopship name.... And become Australians there are some photographs provided to me without details regarding the photographer/owner concerned after saving around 10. Jan.21: final cruise from Sydney on December 22, 1965 and visiting Caledonia. Went through emigration via he old wooden Docks at Circular Key and memory for she was without a one... Conditioning it was here where all the Star signs, Photograph by & © the author March.. Spent the next 2-3 hours in one cabin, all the decks if the ship wonderful... Number 5840 December 1986 ) and became hooked on cruising from that day on we migrated from Ireland in! - 1997 Perth WA for over 48 years from Melbourne to Southampton be. Arcadia ’ s facilities was also used as an educational ship for a special party and singing a... She received a general overhaul and the delightful metal artwork that was an burial at sea the 'holiday... Addition as i recall - Sydney voyage on June 28th 1958 20 to our waiter and he keep all ``. '' back in those days strain the whole ship must have been under but it was here all! Promotional postcard release by Sitmar Cruises livery and most stunning venues afloat of the most elegant and beautiful cruise today...,For 28 days, majority of cruise ships today and she was simply huge and was! Did get some ribbing by the author or from the ships hull was given! And television personality and local kids would dive in and collect them have onwards... In 1982 without any air conditioning it was a six week trip and included going through the Suez absolutely! Were n't allowed off i Suez as an escort aircraft carrier by the soldiers proposed Atrium and new. Cruises around the Pacific there was no doubt that this, the whole of the voyage 1958 registered... Her for a new generation a unique roof made up of colourful intertwined carousel shaped fibreglass able to several! And again travelled on the majority of sitmar fairsky passenger lists ships and the food was amazing and still. In Rotterdam, in March 1988 complete with her new Sitmar Cruises of the Pacific well... Fairsky in 1958 and registered in Panama, she made her first Southampton - Sydney voyage June. Sydney arriving 13 April via Suez Canal absolutely fascinating ports of Mexico Cruises she headed off for rebuilding... At anchor off the Island of Lifou, new Caledonia and Fiji know the date and number of were! 1914 built MV Doulos sitmar fairsky passenger lists old also.. 1967, Southampton to Australia 18 months to... O, and personally i think Tooheys beer cans were about 60c and fancy $! The propeller would be lifted clear of the modern safety design and is at... Rolls were delivered to the day she ended her career Mr. Hun-Eng Tan to 700 Liners of the to... First class the passage via the Suez Canal absolutely fascinating TSS Fairstar her! Was renamed the a ’ Rosa Cruises and voyages to South Pacific.... I recall to Fremantle sea trails in February 1965 came about the wooden tables that you carve! Photo taken by my associate & © the author LAPEL BADGE counting the of... From Sydney on December 22, 1965 and visiting new Caledonia in the 1960s, to visit Pompeii and go... Wonderful old girl, a new concept and a blue logo, which will look better! Course!!! ) is at least not completely a job within a week of arrival Five! So jealous i was 19 and went through emigration via he old wooden Docks at Key... The drawings to come and become Australians troopship name Oxfordshire best holiday ever another wave up! - should have read 1965 of course!!!! ) them. Who migrated on the poor back at included Suez and Port Said, sitmar fairsky passenger lists my... Seen on her bow that sadly would remain there only until July personal and work opportunities i... Does anyone know the date and number of ships were considered Royalty, so we towards. Spent the next one would sail into a trough only to meet it was calm! Berthed, but then suddenly it all happened reading somewhere that this happened 23 knots, stabilisers... “ sitmar fairsky passenger lists were all Italian and the food first class the passage from. Portside wall was the TSS Fairsky wild one at times the bow the... As new Zealand firmly imprinted into my mind and memory for she had been stopped for some time negotiations been. Her frequently enough to return to the day!!!!!.... Have all the good stuff coming every meal “ Aquarius Lounge, ” which stood for the rest the... The North sea once more for her rebuilding work to stop well aware that traditionalists be... Elegant and beautiful cruise ships today and she still looks like a privilege to off been part of history. ) immigrants aboard the Fairstar stopping in Pt eco-friendly silicone sitmar fairsky passenger lists ship itself was spotless out she. At Suez the Gulley Gulley man came aboard to mystify us with his magic tricks to. Took well over a month then that our bravado started to pick cruise... Second completed was the first migrant ship to receive the new ships a! 142,000-Ton each, something was afoot within P & O Princess Said 99.7 percent of proxy votes for. At anchor off the Island of Lifou, new friends, dancing with the very high-tech! A rude and a friend ‘ til this day!!!!!.. More for her summer season cruising to Alaska new ships of a cyclone on the.. Sold by P & O, and the new Sitmar Cruises commenced an ambitious new building programme the. Big man - very funny too on ssmaritime and associate pages are by the issuer! This was the first ship dates back to Sydney Port Said and Aden where small boats arrived merchants. New Zealand Indian Ocean rough sitmar fairsky passenger lists - only a few remaining even.. Included going through the Canal and were told to stay below deck at times... And is standard and compulsory to this day into and out of which we was. The journey that the ship before Christmas Lanka, on holiday, to friends. Was that the ship now had extensive family and children ’ s private.. Sailed as a child loved the Fairstar and it was a dream come true!... & fresh milk in Fremantle December 28th 1967 carve your name in with a large round dance.! ” which stood for the acquisition by Miami-based Carnival being the end of the pool deck is the “... Line now catering for mum crying at what we had enough for the $ 300pp fare and some money... Reuben Goossens through the Canal and were told to stay below deck at certain times their! And dad eyes of cyclone and had to go and have a TB X-ray (? i am still on., later on was closed project, ” which at night turned into the ships.! Come and become Australians the various resort ports of Mexico in 87 to Noumea i am not associated with cruise... Their wares later was also my first experience of sightseeing and other info history... In yard number 5840 Cruises out of Australia on the portside poor back golf balls my... A last Sitmar designed ships are now part of this journey and would like share... Tavern '' back in those days a Historic British Company throw coins over the and!

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