© 2020 Four Wheeler | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. The trail is 7.7 miles and features a 1,877-foot elevation gain, or drop, depending on your direction. The route takes you to the edge (literally) of Castle Valley and then down a thrilling (and bone jarring) descent to the edge of Jackass Canyon where you'll ride sweet singletrack around and down to the Colorado River. It’s a hidden gem that sadly does not show up on GPS, but you can find it on the dirt road leading down to the Area BFE if you look to the left right as you cross over the little bridge. Moab 4x4 Off road trail maps With over 150 off road trails in Moab, the possibilities are endless at AREA BFE. This is the most iconic Jeep trail in all of Moab that’s home to the Escalator, the Car Wash, Mickey’s Hot Tub, Tip-Over Challenge, and other intensely challenging obstacles. If you choose to go to Hell’s Revenge, and you know your way around your Jeep, be sure to hit Hell’s Gate near the overlook that scores an eight off-road rating for the ultimate challenge. Devil’s Garden is the hardest trail in the park. Be the first to know about new products, sales, events and special promotions. Its fast technical downhill runs make it hard to concentrate on turns and obstacles. Highlights: Hell’s Gate, Mickey’s Hot Tub, Escalator. The snow-capped La Salle Mountains in the background, arches and the Colorado River in the middle, and beautiful red rock spires and ledges in the foreground make it hard for your brain to wrap itself around what your eyes are taking in. As the elevation increases, so does the technical nature of the trail, with some steep, rocky sections that require a bit of skill to traverse, so a locker or limited slip may be a good idea.Quick GuideGPS: Lat: 38, 27', 58"/Lon: 109, 36', 2"Vehicle Requirements: Slightly larger tiresWheelbase: Any, but some tight, twisty parts will have you pulling multi-point turnsSheetmetal Damage: Drag rear bumper on climbs, chance of rocker damage in boulders at the end and paint scratches from brush likely, By clicking Sign Up, you agree to the  Terms of Use. "... a borderline suicidal venture out on the highway into a relaxing walk/run/bike along the Colorado River. Huge boulders, angled squeezes that will eat your windshield frame, and the infamous waterfall climb at the end make this a trail that is very enjoyable, but not for the timid or inexperienced. The climb eventually takes you 1,300 feet above the creek, but despite the name you really don't get the sensation you're about to plummet to your death like you do on Moab Rim. So why no GPS coordinates? Utah might very well be the single greatest destination for off-road lovers around the entire country. The answer to that one isn't as cut and dry as the others because we don't have just one favorite. If you aren’t especially confident in you and your Jeep’s capabilities (no shame), you can still watch hysterically as other people with egos too big to say no to the challenge roll backwards down the hill. Hikers on the Park Avenue trail in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah, in April 2018. Jeep-sized boulders on a steep incline greet you from the get-go. Climb up out of the creek and enjoy a muddy, rutted, boulder-strewn climb as the trail ascends up above Kane Creek with views galore. The Paiute trail system allows riders to enjoy over 1000 miles of trails, as it is Utah’s longest and one of the country’s most popular ATV trail system. The worst obstacle is the Devil’s Crack – where you must preform a death-defying maneuver to keep from falling off the edge. When riders crowd trails closer to town, Kokopelli's Trail is a better option, especially for new riders. Trail Hero is a week long event with 5 days of guided trails, a golf tourney and challenge race! The hardest part is finding the actual trail, since the red paint is very faint and hard to follow The trail is primarily used for off road driving. This is the trail in Moab. Located at the end of Sand Flats Road just after Potato Salad Hill and the now-closed Dump Bump, you pay a small fee at the Ranger outpost for a 3-day pass and then hit the trail. This isn’t the most challenging off-road trail in Moab by far, having roughly a six or seven rating, but it does feature one of the most scenic drives and best views in Moab — or perhaps all of Utah. Kane Creek has a multitude of water crossings and other fun obstacles as well as plenty of shade. Poison Spider Mesa Bike Trail 12-14 miles Slickrock Trail 9.6 miles White Rim Trail 100 miles.

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