Setting up your Long Range Hunting Rifle: 0 -1000 yards - Duration: 23:16. During a break in the weather, he grabbed both rifles and a couple of bags of .223 WSSM and 6mmBR cartridges and headed to the range to check out his new loads. Have seen them go on gun broker for a bit less but want to at least have a clue on the round count and what not. Smp2500 Sergeant. Published November 18, 2020 at 1125 × 1500 in Lee 90673 Case Length Gauge 223 WSSM. Winchester and Browning designed the case .300 WSM to accept a .224 caliber bullet. Jul 3, 2012 166 11 42 Denver CO. … Indoor Firing Range. Home; My Account. Instructors; About; Contact; 1 (603) 330-0146; Lee 90673 Case Length Gauge 223 WSSM . In case you are not familiar, the 6mmBR is smaller in diameter and a mite shorter than the .223 WSSM. In chromed barrels, the wear resistance is doubled (see chart). My Account My Orders My Address Book My Password. Buy bulk 223 WSSM ammo for sale at Short Round Supply Co. As a hyper velocity round the .223 WSSM is certainly a radical design because Winchester and Browning designed the casing of the very successful .300 WSM (Winchester … The 223 and 243 wssm were plagued by the extreme overbore lack of performance along with the 500rd barrel life. CCI Mini-Mag 22 LR Quick view $ 39.99. … Related products. This is a very nice looking rifle, so please see our photos and good luck in your bidding!! Based off a standard 55gr bullet leaving the barrel at 3,215fps and follows the bullet trajectry all the way to 1000 yards in steps of 50 yard increments. When the weather gets poor, it's nice to have a place to stay out of the weather and still get some range time in. Any experience here on noise or recoil. The .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum (.223 WSSM) was designed in 2002 as a hyper velocity round. We stock Jacketed Hollow Point JHP ammunition for self defense and duty applications. Qty: Add to Shopping Cart. Some measuring 1/2 inch. Would like for the wife to shoot also. Anyways he shot them today and was having trouble closing the bolt, but the rounds did chamber. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lee 90673 Case Length Gauge 223 WSSM. The .223 WSSM is intended to deliver a new level of long-range performance and accuracy to the .223 family of calibers. Test results show that even in non-chromed barrels, the wear performance of WSSM calibers is equal to the beloved 22-250. 223 WSSM Rifle Ammunition for Sale. V-Max Bullet. Total rounds fired estimated to be 200 to 300. The 243 WSSM was first introduced in 2003. Browse our large selection of in stock ammo, 223 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum ammo and most popular calibers and brands, including Underwood ammo, Federal ammo, and Hornady ammo. V509. The latest cartridge to be used in benchrest competition is the .243 Winchester Super Short Magnum which although designed primarily as a varmint to deer cartridge, has shown merit on the 600 yard range. Sad that hornadys marketing people couldnt have been in charge of the short mags . Spherical W760 and H414 are also extremely good for achieving high velocities. Last edited: Nov 24, 2020. Lee 223 WSSM Case Length Gauge is a precise. About Us. Both the cartridge and Winchester rifles have gained a small but staunch fan base amongst varminters. of H Varget, and the Hornady 60 gr. The 223 and 243 WSSM cartridges are said to “burn up” barrels in as little as 300 rounds. Hey everybody, a buddy of mine has a model 70 243 wssm and we went out to the range today and he was testing a varmint load (62 grn Barnes Varmint Grenade w/ 58 grns H380 at 2.250" OAL). The .25 WSSM produces best all-round results when loaded with powders in the 4350 range. Log In Register. $13.95 Inc GST. Would like to check one out. The .223 WSSM is capable of breaking 4,500 fps muzzle velocity and with a wide variety of .224 bullet profiles and weights available, it is a great choice for long-range varmint hunting as well as people who are just velocity junkies. Winchester Ammunition manufactures quality, performance rifle ammo for hunting, sport- and recreational shooting. Page 1 of 2 - 223 Wssm - posted in Guns, Loads, Optics and Gear for Varmint Hunting: I've found tons of the ammo just not a gun yet. For those focused on varminting, Hodgdon Varget (ADI2208) produces the highest potential velocities with 75 to 87 grain bullets. In stock. In my Winchester 70 with 22 inch barrel I shoot consistent 3 shot Moa groups at 100 yds. We stock hunting ammo as well as Jacketed Hollow Point JHP ammunition for self-defense and duty applications. Toggle Nav. Find 223 WSSM Ammo for sale, in-stock and ready to ship at Ammo Freedom. PX Member. Once again (for many of us), the way we hunted, shot and perceived magnum calibers changed. (6.53 mm) performance similar to .257 Roberts and .25-06 Remington: Like any new case introduced, wildcatters like to see what they can do to make new cartridges. Thanks Glen I have every wssm caliber reamer there was from 20 to 375 and even the weird 325 and none shot to expectations and have gathered dust for as many years as they have been out it seems. We also offer Lead Round Nose and Full Metal Jacket FMJ ammunition for target, plinking and range … Minuteman. The 243 WSSM is an addition to the Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) family of cartridges, which also include the .223 WSSM and the .25 WSSM, and the idea behind the 243 WSSM was to develop a compact, higher velocity version of the well-established and internationally popular .243 Winchester unveiled by Winchester in 1955. Shop for cheap price 223 Wssm Ar 15 Barrel And Ar 15 Range Case .Price Low and Options of 223 Wssm Ar 15 Barrel And Ar 15 Range Case from variety stores in usa. In 2003, with inspiration from high-velocity benchrest cartridges like the 6mm BR and 22 PPC, the 223 and 243 Winchester Super Short Magnums (WSSM) were introduced. I interested in some info for reloading 223 wssm I've got a browning stainless lam. The parent case comes from a shorted version of the .300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. Winchester Super-X Ammunition 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) 64 Grain Power-Point (20pk) Somebody has one of these sitting around they don’t know what to do with! This is a .223 ballistics chart (external) generated using our ballistic trajectory calculator. Ammo Freedom. Home / Lee Case Length Gauge .223 Wssm ; Lee Case Length Gauge .223 Wssm . The ballistic performance based off the 40, 60, and 75 grain are 4,352 ft/s (40 gr), 3,733 ft/s (60 gr), and 3,378 (75 … .223 WSSM: 2002.224 in. For the Browning, the .25 WSSM will be available in both Hunter and Classic Hunter, Stainless, Varmint and the Medallion models. .223 Long Range Shooting Setup. .243 caliber has been around since the fifties. I have experimented with several different loads in 223 WSSM my favorite load being 36.3 grs. Note: Our Current Ship Time Is 1-3 Business Days. Here's my brother Tim Glenn's YouTube Channel for more by him: My brother Tim Glenn obliterates a … Getting tough have friend that reloads gun has a 1-10 twist. Looking for a 223 wssm. (6.17 mm) performance similar to 6 mm Remington.25 WSSM: 2004.257 in. Out of Stock: Call Us. Handgun Ammo Rifle Ammo 17 Hornet Ammo 17 Rem Fireball Ammo 17 Remington Ammo 204 Ruger Ammo 218 Winchester Bee Ammo 22 … Login Register. Bunny Busting Browning 223WSSM - Duration: 4:24. (5.69 mm) performance similar to .220 Swift.243 WSSM: 2003.243 in. ExtremeOuterLimits 585,771 views. RUAG Hungarian 7.62X39 FMJ M43 Quick view $ … We also offer Lead Round Nose and Full Metal Jacket FMJ ammunition for target, plinking and range use. Reactions: Hondo1 and krw. Only trying to spend about 5 - 550 on one. Share Product; Availability: In stock. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Until recently, the rifle has consistently produced sub-MOA, 3 shot groups at 100 yd. White Birch Armory is a … Because of this, it will chamber in a .223 WSSM, but the .24 caliber bullet is too big for the .22 caliber bore. FAQs; Categories. The Model 70 range, so modified, will include the Coyote and Stealth, the Featherweight and the Super and Ultimate Shadow models. The .243WSSM was released, along with the .223WSSM in 2003. Finally i asked him to pull one out to before he fired it and sure enough the bullet was jammed into the … Also, if you read the article, you’d know that .243 WSSM is a very high performance, high energy, high velocity long-range precision and hunting cartridge that takes a umber of good features from other calibers and combines them in a way that no other cartridge does. Shooting Conditions: Mostly Sunny; Temperature: Mid-40’s; Humidity: 61%; Wind: Variable, 3-6 mph from every direction; Elevation: 2203; The Range: Look closely and you can see steel at 300-, 428-, 505-, 637-, 718-, and 1,000-yards ; The Range Look closely and you can see steel at … The only ammunition ever fired in it has been Winchester Silver Tip/55 gr Ballistic Tip. American Eagle 223 Rem 500 Round Pack Quick view $ 274.99. It will now, suddenly, produce 3 shot groups no better than 3 to 5 inches. I heard of recipes with reloaded 17 powder want to try v- … Med hvy barrel it shoots win 55s tight but finding rnds. Range Rules; Classes. 23:16 . Enjoy great deals on cheap in stock 223 WSSM rifle ammunition and get fast shipping! Read the article, .243 (aka 6mm) is a STANDARD caliber size. All shooting was done from sandbags off of a very solid concrete bench. Bulk Ammunition on sale, including 223 WSSM Rifle Rounds. This Winchester Model 70, 223 WSSM (serial G2526XXX) was purchased in 2006 or 2007. In stock. Another criticism is that, although the round is suited for long range varmint hunting, it is not good for medium game any farther than 200 yards.

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